Kashid - A Weekend Getaway

Kashid beach flanked by the Revdanda & Korlai fort to its north and the legendary Murud Janjira fort to its south is a popular beach destination near Pune. Kashid with its lush green surroundings and the soft sandy beach doesn't take long to capture the imagination of any nature lover.

Kashid beach tucked between two rocky hillocks on the Alibaug-Murud road is one of the most popular beaches in northern Konkan. Kashid beach unlike other beaches in Alibaug has a semblence of a white sand beach and it stretches along for almost 2 kms with some rocky patches. Kashid also enjoys much higher waves than other beaches in Alibaug making Kashid a popular destination for water sports. Hotels in Kashid are concentrated towards Chikni 2 kms from Kashid beach.

Kashid beach

Holidays in Kashid

Kashid Beach

The beautiful Kashid beach with its exciting watersports and parasailing by the beach itself is the primary attraction of Kashid however if you are on a longer holiday there is lots more to do during a holiday in Kashid. A trip to Murud - Janjira sea fort 20 Kilometers from Kashid is what can make your Kashid trip truely unforgettable. A jungle trek in Phansad is another exciting option not to forget the temples and forts in the vicinity of Kashid.

Birla Temple - Salav

Even during a short break to Kashid you can include almost all the highlights of Kashid that Kashid region is famous for if your break to Kashid is well planned. It depends on choosing from the sightseeing options that you want to visit beforehand. There are many temples and historic forts near Kashid however choosing which one to include in your sightseeing trips near Kashid could help you make your short trip to Kashid more relaxing and enjoyable.

Kashid Sightseeing

Kashid is one of the nearest beaches from Mumbai and Pune and is a favorite destination for a weekend break especially because of the exciting watersports in Kahid that it offers and the perfect distance from the cities which is not too far nor too close. The best time to visit Kashid is Nov-Feb during winters. If you are planning to visit Phansad sanctuary from Kashid, Sept end to Oct after monsoons is a good time for a jungle trek.

Kashid Hotels
Kashid Hotels
Kashid Hotels

Highlights of Kashid

Kashid is a great destination for a short break and even if you choose not to include any sightseeing options near Kashid and limit yourselves to Kashid beach and watersports in Kashid, the place still offers a fulfilling and relaxing holiday. If you include some of the exciting sightseeing options near Kashid during your trip it can make your trip to Kashid really memorable.

The first thing to decide while planning a holiday to Kashid is the duration of your trip to Kashid and how you are travelling to Kashid. It is always advisable to have a vehicle at your disposal during a trip to Kashid as hiring a vehicle in Kashid can become difficult. Once you decide the duration of your trip to Kashid you may decide what and all to see during your holiday in Kashid.

There are some very beautiful temples near Kashid and considering the popularity the Birla temple in Salaav about 15 kms from Kashid beach is the most visited temple near Kashid. If you choose to visit the Birla temple you may visit the temple on your way to Kashid as the temple is located right by the road to Kashid if you take the Roha route to Kashid.

There are other temples too in Kashid please go through the sightseeing options listed in this website to shortlist the places you want to visit in Kashid. Murud Janjira fort about 20 kms from Kashid is the most popular sightseeing option near Kashid and a trip to the janjira fort will take at least 3-4 hours so it is best to plan toe visit the fort on the second day morning.

We would be happy to assist you in planning your holiday in Kashid and help you in booking your hotel, planning your itenerary and shortlisting the sightseeing options in Kashid like temples near Kashid or forts near Kashid. Write to us at puneritraveller@gmail.com and we will plan the best possible trip accding to your requirement and taste.

Water Sports in Kashid

Kashid beach is very popular for the exciting watersports offered at Kashid beach. Kashid enjoys much higher waves than other beaches in the area owing to which it is amongst the most popular destinations for water sports in Alibaug region.

Almost all the popular water rides like bumper ride banana rides and jet skiis are available in Kashid. Parasailing at Kashid beach is very popular which is organised on the beach behind the jeep and in the sea off the coast of Kashid behind the boat.

Joshua SCUBA diving attempted to identify a SCUBA dive site off the coast of Kashid however currently it is suspended due to inability to find an ideal dive site near Kashid.

Watersports in Kashid