Sightseeing in Kashid

If you are a person with an inclination to visit historic sites you would revel in Kashid and it wouldn't be just the Kashid beach that you would be enchanted by in Kashid! The centuries old Korlai fort & lighthouse and the Revdanda fort is less than 15 kms from Kashid not to forget the formidable sea fortress of Murud Janjira just 20 kms from Kashid.

In the vicinity of Kashid there are some of the most revered temples in this region of Konkan, Birla Mandir undoubtadly is the most popular amongst them. Chaul, a historic town under the Portugese rule about 20 kms from Kashid is a place that you need to visit if you want to see old temples churches or synagogues near Kashid. Rameshwar temple is one of the most important temples in Chaul.

Rameshwar temple Kashid

Forts in Kashid

Korlai Fort

Korlai fort near Kashid beach

Korlai Fort is located about 15 kms from Kashid and is almost midway between Kashid and Alibaug. Built by the Portugese the Korlai fort and lighthouse offer panoramic views of the sea. Within the Korlai fort there are three inscriptions . Over one of the inscriptions surmounted by a cross is a coat of arms with a shield, the Portuguese star in the center surrounded by seven castles, however people visit Korlai fort more for the magnificent views of the sea than its historic importance.

Revdanda Fort

Revdanda For

The ruins of the Revdanda Fort on the way to Alibaug from Kashid approximately 15 kms from Kashid is a faint reminder of the Portuguese rule in India. A seven-story tower and the fortification walls are what remain of the original fort. Revdanda fort is located very close to the Korlai fort and both the forts can be visited in a half day sightseeing trip from Kashid.
The beach near Revdanda fort is also worth a visit but it almost always remains deserted especially during weekdays!

Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira

Believed to be one of the strongest sea forts in India from yester years Murud Janjira Fort is the most well maintained sea forts in Maharashtra. Murud Janjira has 19 rounded bastions which are all still intact. There are "Ashok Chakras" on all major gates. Murud Janjira also has a fresh water pond within. A visit to this fort is what can make a trip to Kashid truely memorable. 20 kms from Kashid will get you to Rajapuri jetty from where sail boats are available to Murud Janjira. The sail boat operators also double up as guides to the fort.

Kashid Hotels
Kashid Hotels
Kashid Hotels

Temples in Kashid

Birla Mandir

Less than half an hours drive from Kashid near Salav village is Birla Mandir. Built on a hillock Birla mandir has Ganesha as the main diety. The Ganesh idol is placed on a marble nave which is intricately carved. The idols of Riddhi and Siddhi are placed on either sides of the Ganesha idol. There are small temples of Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvati and Suryadeva also in the Birla mandir. Aarti at the Birla mandir is performed at at 9.00 am and 7.00 pm everyday. Mandir is located right by the main road

Rameshwar Mandir

Rameshwar Temple is located in Chaul ahead of Revdanda about 20 kms from Kashid. Rameshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main attraction of the Rameshwar Temple are the three kunds Parjanya Kund, Agni kund and Vayoo kund located just outside the temple. Built in the Hemadpant style of architechture the temple comprises of a sabhamandap, sanctum sanctorum and a sort of 'Gopuram' reminiscent of south indian style of temple architechture.

Siddhivinayak Mandir

Siddhi Vinayaka temple is situated at Nandgaon between Kashid and Murud about 10 kms before Murud. A grand festival is organized here every year on 'Maghi Chaturthi' day which is celebrated with much pomp and fervor. Another traditionally auspicious day for 'Darshan' is 'sankashti chaturthi' or 'Sankata Hara Chaturthi' every month. Siddhi Vinayaka temple is located near the secluded Nandgaon beach. A visit to Siddhivinayak temple can be coupled with a Murud Janjira trip.

Khokari Tombs Murud

Khokari Tombs is located on the way to Agardanda from Murud Janjira. Khokari tombs is a great place to visit for those who have an inclination towards visiting archaeological or historical sites. There are three stone tombs and an unused 'masjid' here.

Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, there are 3 main tombs at while scattered all around the complex are 50 other tombs of nobility and other important people of the Siddi empire. The tombs have bulbous domes with an intricate finial on each tomb, it also has beautiful jhaali work on the windows and rounded arches in the doorways. The largest tomb at Khokari tombs is the tomb of Sidi Surul Khan who was chief of Janjira from 1707 to 1734

Khokari Tombs